Lincoln Presidential Library

The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum is located in Springfield, Illinois in the United States of America. It was opened in April 2005 to document Americas 16th President Abraham Lincoln, and by October 2005 the museum had generated one million US dollars; it had also received two rewards, a “THEA award for creative excellence” from the Themed Entertainment Association, and an award from The Lincoln Group of NY. The library is managed by “The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library Foundation”. There are two main areas of the Lincoln Presidential Library, the library, and the museum.

The library has many books, artifacts, pamphlets, manuscripts and papers based on Lincolns Life, the era when Lincoln was president, as well as the American Civil War.
Inside the library there is:

  • Almost 1500 genuine letters written and/or signed by Abraham Lincoln.
  • 300 objects relating to Mary Lincoln, Abraham Lincolns wife.
  • More than 1000 photographs of Lincoln and other related material
  • More than ten thousand books, pamphlets and other media relating to Lincoln.
  • Greater than 250 artifacts relating to Abraham Lincoln, his family, and his role as the US’s 16th president. These artifacts are not all on display at once, but rotated periodically to be exhibited.
  • There are also thousands of supplementing articles within the Lincoln collection.

The library is open to the public 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM every day, and its contents cannot be checked out like a normal library, as it is provided for research and historical purposes.
Then there is the Lincoln Presidential Museum. Inside there are numerous immersing exhibits detailing Abraham Lincoln’s childhood, replica sections of the White House and many other important parts of Abraham’s life. The museum is split up into eleven areas. Please have a look at our article going into greater depth about the Lincoln Presidential Museum.