Lincoln Museum

The Lincoln Museum is the largest Presidential Museum which utilizes state of the art 21st century technology to create involving, immersing exhibits to entertain and educate. The museum is laid out with a plaza in the centre, and the individual areas accessible from this, as the central point; and two main sections, one being Abraham Lincolns Pre-Presidential Years, as well as the years that Lincoln was president, labelled as the White House years.
Here is a map of the layout within the museum:

1. The Plaza
2. Museum Store
3. The Illinois Gallery
4. Mrs. Lincoln's Attic
5. Cafe
6. Journey One
The Pre-Presidential Years
7. The Union Theater
8. Journey Two
The White House Years
9. The Treasures Gallery
10. Ask Mr. Lincoln
11. Ghosts of the Library
12. The Gateway

The Pre Presidential Years
This section begins with Lincoln’s childhood, living in a log cabin in Indiana, where he grew up. This part then progresses to the Slave auction, in which his family was sold and sent in separate directions.
Next, Lincoln’s first business venture called The Berry-Lincoln Store which was located in New Salem. Then Lincoln’s life in Springfield, and his courtship of Mary, after that “Campaign 1860” details how the four way presidential election campaign in 1860 in which Lincoln was elected from happened; and his move to Washington.

The Presidential (White House) Years
This section proceeds from Lincoln’s arrival in Washington, through to the catastrophe of his assassination and proceeding funeral train, which was the most intricate funeral in the history of America. The highlights which are included are The White House as it looked in 1861, Mary Lincoln with Elizabeth Keckley designing her a ball gown, as well as an interesting situation when Willie Lincoln, Mary and Abraham’s son, had just two weeks left to live.
One of the main attractions in this section is the 90% scale reformation of Abraham Lincoln’s death, lying in the coffin in the middle of the Representatives Hall. This immersive display finishes off the tour through Abraham’s life right from his childhood through to his death.