Abraham Lincoln Family

Abraham Lincoln was the son of Nancy Hanks Lincoln and Thomas Lincoln who later remarried to Sarah Bush Johnston Lincoln who became Abraham Lincoln’s stepmother. Lincoln became very close to Sarah, and would call her “mother”, however was quite distant to his father.

Lincoln later married Mary Todd Lincoln, and together they had four children; Robert Todd Lincoln, Edward “Eddie” Baker Lincoln, William “Willie” Wallace Lincoln and Thomas “Tad” Lincoln. Robert Todd Lincoln was the only one of Lincoln’s children to survive to adulthood. Abraham and Mary shared the love for animals; Lincoln adored his horse “Old Bob” who was incorporated into Lincoln’s funeral procession. They also kept a dog called Fido and many other pets in the house as they were an important part of the Lincoln family.

Mary Todd Lincoln (Abraham’s wife) was born on December 13th 1818 with a wealthy family background in Kentucky. She received a huge amount of education and lived a luxurious lifestyle. When she married Abraham her family disagreed with her choice because of his less wealthy background, however she loved him because “There never existed a more loving and devoted husband”.

Thomas Lincoln (Abraham’s Father) was a farmer from Kentucky, and married Nancy Hanks (Abraham’s birth Mother) on June 12th 1806 and had three children, Sarah, Abraham and Thomas, who died as a child. In 1818 Nancy died of milk sickness, so Thomas married Sarah Bush Johnston, (Abraham’s stepmother).

Robert Todd Lincoln (Abraham’s Son) was born August 1st 1843, with a short and stocky build, with a shy personality which is quite the opposite to Abraham Lincoln himself. Out of all Abraham’s children Robert was the only one to live to become an adult, graduating from Harvard College. He became a successful Lawyer and Businessman, with many different business relations.

Edward Baker Lincoln, William Wallace Lincoln and Thomas Lincoln (Abraham’s other sons) all died at a young age of 3, 11, and 18 respectively, to much bereavement to Mary Lincoln.